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Back in 1991, James Remez, a native New Yorker, and David Palmer, who hails from California, were both working on the same commercial construction job in Palm Beach. The two men found they shared a business philosophy and decided to merge their independent construction companies. Today, that same philosophy is at the heart of Livingston Builders, Inc: integrity, quality, trustworthiness, and thoroughness.


“Jim and David make a terrific partnership,” says client Rand Araskog. Their honesty and thoroughness are qualities where they excel. Their estimates are always quite accurate and their attention to work on the project is hourly.” Their twenty-year old company has completed over four hundred detailed and intricate projects, making them a favorite in the design world’s most elite circles, including Brian McCarthy, Christina Murphy, and Scott Snyder. But it is their successful merger of their ideals that creates the “Livingston Lifestyle.”

"IN THE DETAILS - The Difference Between Good and Great." Quest Magazine, April 2011

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